How The Wizard of Oz Should Have Ended

What if the Wicked Witch of the West had met her demise before Dorothy ever set foot down the Yellow Brick road? Here’s how we think it could have happened.

Are Women As Horny As Men?

NSFW and ‘no they aint’.

Patton Oswalt – Christmas Shoes

Patton Oswalt Christmas Shoes Animation. Audio recorded at Lisner Audirorium in Washington DC.

AIG Commercial

Buddy, we’re with AIG.

Mountain Dew Council of Elders Exiles Non-Radical Teen

From their hidden sanctuary high atop Mount Dew, the Mountain Dew Council Of Elders formally passed judgment on area teen Brian Ruderman yesterday, unanimously ruling him “not radical” and sentencing him to eternal banishment from the Extreme Network.

“To you, Brian Ruderman, we have said in the past, Do the Dew,” Mountain Dew Highfather Snow-boardus the Totally Radical said as the final verdict was delivered. “But from this day forth say we it no longer, saying to ye instead, Brian Ruderman, go forth from this place, leave us, and Do the Dew no more.” ..continue..

My favorite ‘The Onion’ article, good to see their older stuff being put back on the site.

World's Most Annoying Toy

I am so getting one of these for the office.

Bubbles concert liqour and whores

Bubbles and Guns n Roses sing liquor and whores live Halifax NS nov. 20th