Move Your Money

An interesting perspective on local vs big banks and what you should do with your money.
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The Good Consumer

Bonfire of the Brands author Neil Boorman’s short film for buy nothing day 2008. Regardless what the government, the economists and the brands say – it is our absolute right to save rather than spend money.

We funded the boom, we funded the bank bailout, now we’re expected to fund the recovery. But we cannot shop our way out of the long term problem: over-consumption contributes to almost all global challenges.

As nice as our luxury lifestyles are, we cannot run away from the problem for much longer.

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AIG Commercial

Buddy, we’re with AIG.

The Story of Stuff – Chapter 5 – Consumption

While I think she is a little over a top with a few things this is an interesting look at being a consumer and consumption.

Wise Use of Credit Developing Financial Responsibility

I got to get me one of those learning machines.